Rice producing sector is considered amongst the top-rated organized industry of India. However, rice is a staple food for most people residing in the southern part of India; in addition, India produces more than 23% of rice all over the world; so it is one of the nation leading exported food crops. A big industry of India business has indulged in the supply and processing of rice in India and several other overseas nations by the world's renowned rice manufacturers and exporters of India. Heading with business to business method is noted as the most hopeful solutions for those exporters who have been doing business the traditional method in India.

The B2B business has prepared it possible for both buyers and sellers to benefit maximum gains when doing business; buyers through such business directory find in touch with sellers that can provide rice crop in the cheapest rates possible while sellers get the occasion to sell their crop in the top rate possible through the B2B business directory. The rice traders located in India can direct deal with food crop sellers and buyers across the globe in a hassle-free way, particularly without involving a broker, agent or middleman; thereby, this business is considered to be a lucrative type of business in India and worldwide.

Rice, as discussed being a staple diet for many, its production has always conformed with a set of rules that swear its manufacture and quality standards; however, being traditional isn't enough for acquiring earning out of this evergreen food crop; the fact is that a peasant cannot have his biggest chunk of earnings simply by producing rice to its uppermost standards. Post manufacture, there is a highly difficult process of several people and rules, and regulations that totally dilute the earning margins of a farmer that works in a traditional method. Again there are important factors associated with this chain, particularly in India such as the inaccessibility of traditional rice peasants with the urban food crop market; and lack of primary farming education and information associated to the latest farming advancements. Just the peasant's ability isn't really enough to gain maximum profits from his grown crop in India.

The business to business way of trading has brightened the present situation and prospects of the Indian farmers, making them more organized, profitable and predictable at global standards. Therefore, besides the regular businesses in India, rice manufacturers and exporters or rice farmers communally gain the highest traction from signifying their produced food crop throughout the globe. An authentic B2B directory shall also provide them with associated business services such as transporters that can provide sellers with seamless and insured food crop delivery services. Becoming a part of this business means can aid a rice manufacturer in India with a logical process by simply following a proper registration procedure and promotion their food crop in the right manner.

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Rice is the main strong food crop across the globe with a variety of nutritional benefits for more than half the population throughout the world. If truth be told, it provides around one-fifth of the total calories that are consumed worldwide by human beings. The best season for rice crop agriculture is during the summer and winter months. global around 90 million tons of its production has been recorded every year in the year 2011.

There are over four thousand varieties of rice grown every year all over the world and is defined as a cereal grain fitting into the Phocaea' grass family. Out of the many varieties the most popular ones include basmati rice; 1121 basmati rice; medium grain; short grain; dubraj; and champaa rice. Basmati rice has been widely used in the Indian Sub-continent for several decades and has become a famous variety of rice in western countries, as well. This nutrition food crop is gaining popularity, and this can be estimated by the growing number of rice exporters in India and the nearby countries.

Basmati Rice and Nutritional Benefits

Basmati is rice in aroma and has a distinct flavor, but the reason behind its increasing status isn't just limited to the aroma and flavor; the basmati rice has various nutritional benefits that make it a healthy agro product. Basmati rice is an ideal food supplement for those who plan high energy food intake in their regular diet plan; it consists of high calorie value. A person taking 200g of cooked rice in its dietary plan consumes over 200 calories; provides a great source of instant energy, and therefore, it is preferred over other varieties of rice.

Various varieties of Basmati including the 1121 basmati rice and royal rice are very popular as they are a very good source of carbohydrates. Keeping the same consideration in mind, every 200g of cooked rice contains around 45g of carbohydrates and about 4g of proteins. The best part about strong 1121 basmati rice is that it is completely cholesterol free and contains fat even less than 1g when around 200g of rice is cooked well. Therefore, when such rice is taken into regular use, these qualities of rice make it apt nutritionally as a food item. This variety is also absolutely free from gluten and is a rich source of vitamins such as thiamine and niacin. These vitamins play a important role in keeping the human heart, digestive system and nervous system in good health.

The other benefits of intense basmati rice including royal and 1121 varieties are that it is a good source for maintain a healthy skin and nourishing the body with mineral including iron. The distinct benefit of consuming brown basmati is that it adds fiber to the human diet in a larger form compared to the white basmati; thereby, creation it an ideal rice form for those on a weight loss diet plan.

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